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They say that you're judged by the company you keep.  Whether that's true or not, I can't say.  But if you ask me, I've been in some pretty nice company.  Let me introduce you to some of my friends...


Ibanez Iceman IC500, Hamer USA Standard, Gibson Explorer, Warmoth Custom Tele

Click on the photo below of the Fender P Bass to get more of the story.

Twins!  A pair of Gibson Peter Frampton Les Paul Customs...

You can have your "twin fantasy", I'll have mine... ;-)

This Guild came in after being damaged in a house fire.  The body had lost most of it's shine, and in some places, the lacquer had burned and lifted off.  In the pictures above, you see before/after photos (before the pickguard was put back on).  In the photo below, you can see the difference a good cleaning and hand buffing can do to restore the shine to an old guitar.  If you look, you can actually see the "line" that separates the side that has been buffed, and the side that has not.

Now for the really bad part:

The photo at right shows the back of the headstock as it was brought into my shop.  The guy tried to sand off the bubbled and burnt lacquer, but as he put it, "it just turned to dust" and he was left with bare wood.

To make a long story short, I sanded and scraped the old finish off the headstock and part of the neck, filled the wood grain, and sprayed a  sunburst pattern with nitrocellulose lacquer to blend into the existing finish on the back of the neck.

The picture below shows the finished neck after curing and wetsanding.  Not a bad job if I do say so myself.  ;-)


This Gibson Flying V came in with a Kahler Tremolo, but the owner wanted a Floyd Rose installed.  After a little routing...

"I'll have to say, this is one of the best playing guitars I have ever had! I'm very pleased. Your work is outstanding!  You Rock!
I can't put this guitar down!! I haven't even plugged it into my amp yet and I can't believe how good this plays!!
This thing has such a better, and brighter tone since you changed the nut and bridge. It's like a whole new instrument!!  Thanks again!!"

"I can't tell you how happy I am with how this guitar plays.  Honestly, being left handed I've never experienced playing a guitar that is set up this well. I hate using internet review clichés, but it is now truly "a joy to play".

Thanks again!"

This vintage Guild 12-String came in needing a bridge re-glue.

After working the bridge loose and removing the old dried glue, new glue was applied, and the bridge was clamped to dry.

(Yes, the glue squeeze-out was cleaned off!) 

"I must say that it's really damn nice...I've already had one person come over just to play it and he was very impressed. He's thinking about getting the Feiten nut on his guitar and you'll be the guy to do it. Here's a quote for your page...
I love it. Once again you turned a mediocre instrument into a jem. Thanks a million."

This Telecaster came in with severe string wear on the first three frets, and was not intonating properly.  The worn frets were removed, and new frets were installed and leveled to match the height of the existing frets.  A new vintage bone nut and deluxe setup had the guitar playing like new again..


Fender/All-Parts P-Bass - "I've been beating on the P-Bass on and off since I got it home yesterday and I'm really happy with the way it turned out! It still has all of the characteristics that makes it comfortable to play but the new nut and lowering the strings make it so much easier to play. The bone nut seems to round out the overall tone with the low end being nice and tight and the high end not being nearly as harsh as it used to be. (The old nut was a stock hollow plastic nut - See pic at right) The board seems to be a little flatter radius than before the new nut was installed which is nice because I'm not tripping over the A & D strings when I'm running up a scale or a walking bass line. Excellent work, thank you!"


A nice pair of Warmoth Strats.

"I (only) got in about 10 minutes with the Padouk one...because I couldn't put down the butterscotch swamp ash one.  That thing's like crack. I always knew that guitar would grow up to be something special. Just needed the right mentor. I was going to tell you about it last night, but I couldn't stop playing...That thing is incredible...thanks!"


A Tale of Two Saddles...

Take a good look at the two saddles to the left, and in the photos below.  Both are made of bone, and both are compensated, for improved intonation.  One was mass produced by a famous guitar manufacturer.  The other was handmade by a humble *ahem* stringed instrument repair technician.

The photos to the left (below) are of the original saddle, while the photos to the right are of the replacement saddle.

Notice the difference in fit and attention to detail.

The next time you change strings on your acoustic, take the time to inspect the saddle.  Is it loose?  Does it slide around easily in the saddle slot?  Will it wobble a little from front to back?

I can make a saddle for you that will be custom fit to your guitar's exact measurements.  It will improve both the playability and sound of your instrument.