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Repair Services

Don't see the service you need listed?

If your instrument has a problem, or if it's just not sounding or playing the way you'd like it to, give me a call or send me an email.  My shop is set up to perform repair work of all kinds, as well as new part fabrication.  My experience ranges from performing basic setups and fretwork, all the way to constructing a bridge, fretboard, neck - or even the entire guitar - out of the raw wood.  Whatever the problem, we can find a solution.

Call or email for information on finishes.

Note: The prices listed below are labor estimates only, and do not include parts, unless otherwise stated.  Final cost may be more or less, depending on the actual amount of work required.  Email me with your needs, and I can give a more detailed estimate.  But please note that until I have examined the instrument, I can still only offer a general estimate of the cost.

All set-ups include a 30-day warranty.


A proper set-up is essential for ANY instrument to perform to it's full potential.  Without a proper set-up, a $2000 guitar might as well be a $100 "eBay Special".

Standard Set-up Includes truss rod and intonation adjustments, cleaning and polishing the frets and fretboard, tightening loose hardware, cleaning of electronics, pickup height adjustments, and cleaning the instrument.
Electric Guitar/Bass    $ 40
Acoustic Guitar/12 String    $ 35/$ 45
Floyd Rose Tremolos    $ 65
Deluxe Set-up Includes standard set-up with special attention to the nut and saddle - sanding and filing excess material to allow better tuning , less string breakage, and livelier open strings
Electric Guitar/Bass   $ 50
Acoustic Guitar/12 String   $ 50/$ 60

Nuts and Saddles

The easiest upgrade you can make to a guitar is to install a bone nut.  Bone gives a bright, clear, and detailed sound - much better tone than that plastic nut that came from the factory.    Bone = Tone!

I recommend bone and always keep white and vintage (ivory colored) bone blanks on hand - HOWEVER - I also offer Brass, Corian, Graphite, and Tusq nuts - email me about availability and pricing.

Bone Nut   6-string Acoustic or Electric guitar, or 4- 5- 6-string bass                                   $ 40 
Bone Nut 12-string Acoustic                                                                                  $ 60 
Bone Nut 12-string Electric                                                                                        $ 60 
Bone Saddle Old Style (rounded top, rounded sides)                                                     $ 35 
Bone Saddle  New Style "B-Bump" (b-string toward bout, other strings toward sound hole)  $ 50 
Bone Saddle  Fully Compensated (separate break-point established for each individual string)  $ 75 

Three big problems with the stock nut at right:

  1. The string slots are too large for the strings.

  2. It's made of plastic - talk about a tone killer.

  3. It's HOLLOW!!! - Seriously, how does air help with transferring string vibrations?

Plastic is bad enough, but hollow plastic?  Just how much money do companies need to make?  Less quality for you, more money for them.

 Check out my gallery to see repairs/upgrades. 

  Want your guitar to really play in tune?  Get Feitenized!

Check out my Buzz Fetien page for more information!

Fret Work

Fret Dress, Fret Mill, Grind and Polish, Fret Level, Crowning, etc. They all refer to the same basic process of precision aligning the tops of the frets in a uniform plane.  This is a must for low, buzz-free action.

For Stainless Steel Fretwire,  add $50 to "Fret Job" pricing below.

Fret Dress (Basic) (includes Basic Set-up listed above)  Floyd Rose/Kahler tremolos add $25 $ 100
Fret Dress (Deluxe) (includes Deluxe Set-up listed above) $ 120
Fret Job Unbound board (Note: All fret jobs include deluxe dress and set up; Floyd/Kahler tremolos add $25) $ 250
Fret Job Bound board (nibs can not be saved - fret ends will extend over binding) $ 300
Fret Job Maple board (extra care and prep is needed to preserve the finish) $ 300
Loose fret ends Per Fret $ 5
Pearl Per inlay (remove-replace) $ 15
Dots Per Dot (replace) $ 5

How will a fret dress help your guitar?  Take a look at the pictures below.  The one on the left shows three very worn frets.  The photo on the right shows those same frets after having a fret dress.  Worn spots throw the intonation off, which makes the guitar play out of tune.  Additionally, low spots (or high spots, depending on how you look at it) can cause strings to buzz and require a higher action.  A fret dress will level all the frets to a uniform plane, eliminating high and low spots, and the frets are crowned, assuring proper intonation.  Ask any of my customers who've had it done if it makes a difference to their guitars.


I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on my Tele and Les Paul. I thought I knew what it was like to play a reasonably well set up guitar until I played those two all day yesterday.

What difference! I almost think it makes me a better player. I cannot thank you enough...for all your sweet work and attention to detail. It is a lost art.





Wiring should be neatly done, using the correct type of wire - i.e.; vintage Fender should use cloth push/pull wire in the correct colors.  Solder should be shiny and never dull.  Wires should be long enough to get the job done, and not much longer.

Diagnose Electrical Problems This is a minimum charge regardless if work is performed or not.  Time is money. $ 25
Cavity Shielding Copper tape or shielding paint (special request).  Price depends on size of cavity. $ 25 - 40
Replace Jack Includes part $ 25
Replace/Install Pickup Per Pickup, Direct replacement with wiring, installing pots/switch may be included $ 25
Install "Under Saddle" Pickup Expand endpin hole to accommodate jack, fit and re-size old saddle, wire to preamp $ 75 - $150
Replace Potentiometer/Switch Basic wiring and 3-/5-way switch is less, custom or "superswitch" wiring  is more $ 25 - $ 50
New Pickup Rout This is for the routing ONLY - installation is extra $ 30
Structural and Miscellaneous 

Most of this is going to obviously pertain to acoustic instruments, but there are a few things that would also apply to an electric or arch-top guitar.  Again, if there's something specific you're looking for, don't hesitate to either email me or call - I can pretty much handle any repair that you'll need.

Install Tuners Direct replacement.  (If reaming is needed, or set-pin holes need to be drilled, add $25) $ 25
Bridge re-glue Basic Bridge $ 65
Make new bridge Basic Bridge $ 145
Make new bridge Pyramid $ 175
Lower bridge   $ 45
Bridge re-shape   $ 25
Replace Bridge Plate   $ 85
Bridge Plate Patch   $ 65
Re-Glue Loose Brace   $ 35
 Re-Glue Crack Basic $ 35
Cleat Crack Per Cleat $ 25
Repair Crack Humidity $ 60
Re-glue Pick Guard Martin style $ 25
Correct Intonation Basic $ 60
Convert to Lefty/Righty Nut and Saddle $ 150
Neck Re-Set Martin $ 355
Neck Re-Set Gibson $ 375